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What is it?

handoff (repository) is a single command that let you quickly orchestrate the data pipeline on a serverless platform such as AWS Fargate.

Deploying on a serverless platform saves you from the need for managing servers and paying for idling virtual machines. The serverless configuration could be very complicated, so handoff takes care of it under the hood so you can focus on the pipeline logic.

Features and benefits:

  1. Container orchestration (AWS Elastic Continer Service)
  2. Extended serverless task execution (AWS Fargate, vs. AWS Lambda’s 15min limit)
  3. CRON Scheduling (AWS EventBridge)
  4. Configuration and secret management (AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store)
  5. Simple switch between production and devlopment stages
  6. Docker image management (AWS Elastic Container Registry)
  7. Artifacts management (AWS Simple Cloud Storage)
  8. Log management (AWS CloudWatch)
  9. Shared resource management (Virtual Private Cloud, Security Group)
  10. No need to pay and maintain a dedicated virtual instances!

Note: With the unified handoff command, we are planning to support multi-cloud deployment experience (Azure and Google Cloud Platform).

Get started easily

Check out the super quick example and tutorial.

Open Source handoff Recipes!

We will upload more and more recipes that you can use and learn from!