Essential Commands at a GlanceΒΆ

Use this page as a cheat-sheet after finishing the guided-tour (tutorial).

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Here is the essential commands in order of the workflow from the local testing to Fargate deployment:

handoff -p <project_dir> -w <workspace_dir> workspace install
handoff -p <project_dir> -w <workspace_dir> run local
handoff -p <project_dir> config push
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud create_bucket
handoff -p <project_dir> files push
handoff -p <project_dir> -w <workspace_dir> run remote_config
handoff -p <project_dir> container build
handoff -p <project_dir> container run
handoff -p <project_dir> container push
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud create_resources
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud create_task
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud schedule

Here are the commands to take down:

handoff -p <project_dir> cloud unschedule
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud delete_task
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud delete_resources
handoff -p <project_dir> files delete
handoff -p <project_dir> config delete
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud delete_bucket

And here are the commands to remove the additional resources:

aws s3 rm --recursive s3://<aws-account-id>-<resource-name>/<task-name>/
aws s3 rb s3://<bucket_name>/<task-name>/
aws ecr delete-repository --repository-name <docker-image-name>

Here are the commands to create and delete a role (e.g. AWS Role):

handoff -p <project_dir> cloud create_role
handoff -p <project_dir> cloud delete_role

handoff shows help document at the root level or subcommand-level:

handoff --help
handoff <command> --help  # Admin or Run command such as 'run local'
handoff cloud [<command>] --help
handoff container [<command>] --help
handoff <plugin_name> [<command>] --help